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Powertech is a company specialized to find technical solutions and tailored size plants to produce energy from renewable sources.

Our company is the exclusive distributor for solar-thermodynamic field of Starpower Project srl, an Italian company which designes and realizes complete hybrid solar thermodynamic and biomass plants. Also, our company sells and exports ORC's turbines by ElectraTherm Inc. to European and Middle-East area.

The turbines produce electricity when we ensure a fluid flowrate (deionized water) to a 77 °C -110 °C temperature. This thermal energy is produced by a solar field consisting of vacuum CPC collectors with pipes in borosilicate glass and in the hybrid version from a biomass boiler. Many companies are trying the way of thermodynamical Concentration, but our project interprets this concept with a unique and ingenious solution. Our facility is open to all those strutctures that have a high electrical and thermal energy consumption, such as:


  1. Hotels and accommodation
  2. Shopping centers
  3. Hospitals
  4. Canneries
  5. Ceramic Industry
  6. Paper Industry
  7. Zootechnical farms and flora nurseries
  8. Residence or villages
  9. Desalination
  10. Waste treatment associated with pyrolysis.